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Technology has become the driving force of every society in the globe today. Most people when asked to choose their careers often tend to go for the technology careers.in most education systems in many countries students have to go through various levels for them to achieve their dream careers. However the career line is crown at the tertiary level of education. At this level the student is able to specialize solely on what he/she wants to do in life.

Some students once they get to the level of joining the universities or colleges may not have the money to make it happen. This causes the dreams of many to get shattered. However there are organizations or institutions that offer scholarships to such students.
Some governments have means by which they offer the less fortunate bright student scholarship. The scholarships may be for them to study locally or abroad. Other scholarships are offered by the non-governmental organizations.

Also some learning institutions offer scholarships mostly to their best student to help them further their studies. This is also what some institutions that are not specifically learning institutors have now started doing. They especially offer scholarships for technology students. The student just have to apply for the scholarship and make sure he provide all that is required and then wait to see if he or she is qualified for the scholarship.

Every tertiary institution from the colleges to the universities have at least one course that they offer concerning technology. Some of this courses are:

a. Computer science.

computer scienceThese are Computer science degrees programs, certificate programs and the diploma programs. They comprise of a whole lot of computer staff and its worth in the real word is unimaginable especially in this time and age when the society is inclined too much towards computerizing everything for the sake of making life easy and enjoyable.

There are also another field called Computer engineering that involves the design and application of computer hardware and computer software. This field mainly focus on the link between computer hardware and software systems. They syndicate software-related classes in networking, operating systems, programming languages and data structures with hardware-related courses covering memory components, microcomputer systems, microprocessors, fiber optics and integrated circuits.

Computer Engineering courses include programming in high-level languages such as C++ and Java; use of software packages for analysis and design; design of system software such as compilers, debuggers, and operating systems; and application of computers in solving engineering problems

Computer engineers are trained in various fields of computer science and engineering. They engage in the design and analysis of digital computers and networks, including software and hardware.

Computer design includes topics such as computer architecture, VLSI circuits, computer graphics, design automation, system software, data structures and algorithms, distributed computing, and computer networks.

b. Information technology

Information technologyThis is a faculty that focuses on practical applications of technology to support organizations while adding value to their offerings. In order to apply technology effectively in this manner, a broad range of subjects are covered, such as communications, business, networking, software design, and mathematics. This degree encompasses the entirety of the Computing field and therefore is very useful when applying to computing positions of various sectors.see this post to get more details.

It encompasses a variety of topics including systems analysis and design, computer networking, information security, database management and decision support systems. Information systems bridges business and computer science using the theoretical foundations of information and computation to study various business models and related algorithmic processes within a computer science discipline.

Computer information system(s) is a field studying computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their software and hardware designs, their applications, and their impact on society, whereas information systems emphasizes functionality over design.

Scholarships for technology students

c. Engineering

Engineering is one of the field that have very many lines that one can pursue in studies. These include electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Telecommunication engineering, Production engineering, Mechatronics engineering and many others that arise from these main courses.