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With the current economic crisis and the increasing number of baby boomers approaching retirement, the demand for financial planners is skyrocketing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the employment rate for financial advisors will increase by 27 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than the average of all jobs. This is the very reason why many schools and universities from all over the world are opening courses for financial management and retirement planning.

Top Schools

If you’re a student who is looking for a great career to pursue in college or simply wanting to learn about finances, then taking a course that is related to financial planning is a great choice. Not only will this give you a better job opportunity when you graduated, but it will also give you an ability to manage your own finances and prepare your own retirement as well. Isn’t that great? Some of the things that you will learn when you take a financial management and retirement planning course are the following:

  • Understanding your client’s financial needs
  • Making sound financial decisions
  • Finding money to invest
  • Determining the issues concerning different types of investments, such as IRAs and self-managed super fund
  • And understanding different strategies regarding investing and planning

If you’re ready, then you may want to pick one of the schools below that provide training for aspiring financial planners. The good thing is these schools even offer online courses, wherein you can learn the program without travelling outside.

Boston University

One of the leaders in professional education, Boston University now offers both classroom-based and online courses related to finances. These include the Financial Planning Program and Retirement Planning Program, which help students learn a variety of financial strategies and investments products, as well as equip them with financial knowledge that can help their clients and themselves make great financial decisions for their future.

Stanford University

Stanford University, one of the world’s prestigious institutions, now also provides a financial class on the web that is available to everyone. And the best thing is it’s free! The Finance of Retirement & Pensions Course is an eight-week course that will teach you the financial concepts behind investment and pensions, and help you understand what really investing and retirement planning is. The course will also help you identify how much to save, where to put it, and what to do in case things don’t happen your way

University of Minnesota

As part of the University of Minnesota Extension, the institution now provides inexpensive online educational courses about personal finance, which help students understand the basics of financial planning, make informed financial decisions, and increase their financial stability. Some of the courses offered are Money in Retirement Online Course, Take The Road to Financial Security for Later Life Online Course, and Critical Conversation About Financing Long Term Care Online Course.

The College of Financial Planning

Founded in 1972, The College of Financial Planning has a mission to provide financial education to every aspiring student who wants to enter the world of finances. They offer a variety of different financial programs, from undergraduate and certificate programs, to advanced studies, to online courses.